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Entries in dream cup (1)


Do you Dare to Dream?


Hello my friends...

I've been thinking about DREAMS a lot lately...... reflecting on my Mondo Beyondo dream list that I wrote last February.

I pulled the list out a few weeks ago...I am amazed at how many of my dreams have already come true.


One of my Mondo Beyondo dreams was to be a Shutter Sister. :) 

It's crazy what happens when you put things out there...and everything aligns just perfectly. 


So, here I am...a shutter sister....and I'm flying to California!!  Somebody, pinch me. :)

Ummmm, I definitely would not have predicted that last February..... 'sigh'

I'm such a home content to just BE in my little creative world.

But this is going to be fabulous! So good for me!  

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone this year.... 

How bout you?  are you dreaming? are you dreaming big?

Have you dared to ask yourself.... 'What do I really want?'

Would you love to gather with fellow creatives and get inspired?  OH my gosh... I just know Camp Shutter Sisters is going to be wildly inspirational. 

I'd love to hear what you are dreaming these days? 


p.s. all images processed with the soon to release 30 textures in 30 days collection...