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Entries in dare to dream (2)


{Weekend Texture} & Some Thoughts on Dreaming

mouse over to see the before

I have a new texture to share with you all.....and some thoughts on dreamin'........ 

Today's image was shot in Monterey.... along the boardwalk.... at Camp Shutter Sisters! Isn't it a beautiful scene?

When I look at this photo I immediately think of dreaming.... Perhaps it's because it's just so darn beautiful... 'dream-like'..... Or maybe it's because I shot this photo while walking with two incredible women who both have some BIG beautiful dreams.  

Perhaps, you've already met. But just in case, let me introduce you.

Meet my friend Corinna. This girl is awesome! Seriously awesome!! She has the most amazing presence. She instantly draws you in. Corinna shares her hopes and fears so openly .... it's a gift!! If you would like to follow her 'after-camp' journey, you must check out her site. I'm sure you will be inspired! I love the way Corinna shares!

Check out Corinna in action. She rocks!

And here's a shot of Denise in action. I just had to add a little texture.... Cause, well you know.... :)

Denise is the Best! She came all the way from England to attend Camp Shutter Sisters. It was so nice knowing that Denise was going to be there. It made the whole scary, unknown thing... so much easier. Denise and I were room mates. It was so fun!

Denise is another BIG dreamer.... In fact, she just recently left her I.T. job to persue her photography dreams, full-time.  You can read all about it on her site, The UK Mama.... She's completely INSPIRED! Good Stuff!

Corinna and Denise.... I'm here, cheering you on! I'm so excited to see what's ahead for both of you! I know it's going to be aMazing.

And oh my goodness... I just have to share this photo of Denise and I, that Corinna shot while we were on our walk. Thank you Corinna.... I will cherish this photo, always.

I love that Denise and I are both packing our Nikon twins.
happy, thankful.....'sigh'

image by Corinna Robbins of Bird Wanna Whistle 

And while I'm sharing Denise.... I must tell you about her beautiful little girl, Phoebe. Seriously, she is a heart breaker.... Her little English accent is so freaking cute.... I could listen to her all day! We have the best visits on skype. I'm so in LOVE with Phoebe..... 

image by Denise Balyoz Photography

I decided to name today's texture after Phoebe....  So before I continue on with my dream chatter.... let me share today's texture with you....

Introducing 'Phoebe'..... the texture...that is....

Click HERE to download it. 

I usually send the download link directly to my Texture Lovin' Listers... but I thought I'd change things up a little. 

If you like this texture, and want a few more to play with, be sure to sign up for my list..... You will receive some instant freebies, along with new goodness each week! Click HERE to sign up.

Before I go, I wanted to talk a little bit about my own Dreaming.....

This will be the start of a series of posts on my story and my dreams......

I am going to start at today....and then over the next few weeks, I will take you back where this whole dreamy-thing began...and how it all kind of evolved.

Part 1 - Today

Before I left for camp I had a whole whack of dreams in progress. I mean BIG DREAMS.
Honestly some days I could just pinch myself. I can not believe this is my life. I know I am truly blessed to be living my dreams and doing and sharing what I love every day!! I am so very thankful!

Before camp, I thought I was pretty clear on my direction.

Guess what.... I was clear... but Camp changed everything!!

I came home completely shaken. It was really strange.... I can't quite describe it... But my dreams shifted. I have new dreams...bigger dreams...wilder dreams....and dreams I never would have considered before I left for California.

It's super exciting......

I'm a big believer in writing down my dreams.... It works..... I mean it REALLY works!

I am going to bravely note some of my dreams here today. As I write this, I am reminded of Jen Lemen's words, the first night I met her. I wish I wrote it down. But, it was something like this, be careful what you wish for.... dreams have a way of shaking things up.

So, I'm a little nervous to put this out there. Mainly because I know all my dreams are possible.... and as they unfold, it's definitely going to shake things up.

But to start my dreaming series off with a bang....
Here are just a few of my beautiful dreams. Some are new and some are not. Each.... equally dreamy. 

  • Teach, in person, around the globe.
  • Travel, travel and then travel some more. (how is this my dream? I never wanted to leave I'm bursting to 'fly'.....)
  • Inspire, coach and encourage women to let their dreams come true.
  • Live somewhere warm and sunny, even if just for awhile.
  • Collaborate with amazing women on a HUGE and completely inspired project.

Okay, that's just a little morsel of my dreaming.....  The biggest shift in my dreams is the 'in-person' part of it all. Before camp, I was quite happy inside my studio, with Ben at my feet....working away and sharing thru my screen. Now I want need more.

The other day, my son Brett said, 'what happened to my old mom...the one with no friends....who was quite happy just to sit at home and immediately answer me everytime I called or texted?'..... He was joking.. sort of... but he's kind of right...  that was me. And I was quite fine with it.

But, camp has forever changed me. Now I know how important 'sisterhood' really is. Wow, what a gift I have received. 

One of the things that I loved most about camp was hearing the stories of the women that were there. I wish I could have heard more. The time was way too short!

I shared my story with a few of the women at camp. I have been told it's inspiring.
A big part of my life-dream is to inspire others. 

And so, I will begin here...and share my story.... little by little....
over the next few weeks. 
I must warn you... It's not all roses and sunshine... Nope...not at all! In fact, it's darn right messy.

I'd love to hear your story. Maybe you've shared it on your site? If so, feel free to link to it... Or simply tell your story in the comments. Or if you prefer, you are most welcome to share it with me via email. I'd love to hear.


p.s. Test Kitchen members, I will be sharing the processing steps for today's boardwalk image tomorrow in the kitchen. Please watch for it. 

p.s.s. Below is a texture making video I posted awhile back. One of the lovely women from camp posted it in our group facebook page.... I just watched it tonight. The music gives me chills... so I thought I'd share it here again.... I heart Andrew Belle.....

view in couch mode


Do you Dare to Dream?


Hello my friends...

I've been thinking about DREAMS a lot lately...... reflecting on my Mondo Beyondo dream list that I wrote last February.

I pulled the list out a few weeks ago...I am amazed at how many of my dreams have already come true.


One of my Mondo Beyondo dreams was to be a Shutter Sister. :) 

It's crazy what happens when you put things out there...and everything aligns just perfectly. 


So, here I am...a shutter sister....and I'm flying to California!!  Somebody, pinch me. :)

Ummmm, I definitely would not have predicted that last February..... 'sigh'

I'm such a home content to just BE in my little creative world.

But this is going to be fabulous! So good for me!  

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone this year.... 

How bout you?  are you dreaming? are you dreaming big?

Have you dared to ask yourself.... 'What do I really want?'

Would you love to gather with fellow creatives and get inspired?  OH my gosh... I just know Camp Shutter Sisters is going to be wildly inspirational. 

I'd love to hear what you are dreaming these days? 


p.s. all images processed with the soon to release 30 textures in 30 days collection...