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About Texture Tuesday

I love this beautiful blogging community. I love how freely people share and encourage.  Texture Tuesday is a photography blog party.  Each Tuesday I will create a post with the little inlinkz gadget so you can link to your latest favorite photo. The post will go up, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  The post will close the following Sunday at 12:00 am cst.

Why a Linky Party?

Often people email me with their favourite textured photos they have created using my textures.  Or they leave a comment with a link. The Linky Party will allow you to share your photos with me and all the beautiful readers that visit my site. I think it'll be a fabulous way to inspire one another.  

How can I play?

It's easy. Simply post your favorite textured photo on your blog or flickr stream. Or anywhere you share your images.  Then hop over the linky party post of the week, here at the Café and share your name, email and permalink to the post. Feel free to share the texture you used on your image, in your posting. 

Are there any rules?

Just 2.

Please share images that you processed using at least one of my textures. (except on not necessarily texture tuesday.)

Please link to the permalink, not the main page of your blog or flickr stream.  To find the permalink simply click on the title of the post in which you shared your photo.  Next, head on up to the top url bar of your browser (you know the place where the address shows). Highlight the url text, then copy it (type command c or control c on a pc to copy).  Then pop over to the link box and paste (command v or control v on a pc) the address into the blank url space.

Linking up Video Tutorial

Will there be a theme each week?  

Not every week... but yes there will be themes. I will note the upcoming challenge info the Tuesday before.

Share the Texture Tuesday Button

To share the button, simply copy and paste the code into an html widget on your site, or share it in your texture Tuesday posting.


Kim Klassen Café


Final Thoughts

  • come early...the early bird gets the worm....or I should say...the most visits. :)
  • be sure to visit some of the other participants. We all love encouragement. Right. :)

Thanks bunches....

Check out the latest TT....and see what challenge is up next HERE.


The Texture Tuesday Guest Host Submission Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest in hosting Texture Tuesday here at the Café. I'm super excited about this.

Just a little tidbit about the guest hosted Texture Tuesdays. They will run the last Tuesday of every month.The theme will always be Free & Easy.... The only requirement will be that the image must contain at least one layer of any of my textures.

Submission Guidelines 

  • Please send your submissions to kim(at)kimklassen(dot)com
  • Please begin the subject line with TT GUEST HOST SUBMISSION.
  • Please submit original unpublished images and content.
  • Include your post draft along with a before and after photo that you wish to include in the posting. Please attach the images (650 px wide) separately, not within a document. Your image must contain at least one of my textures. Preferably your post should include the image recipe or related processing tips and tricks. 
  • You are welcome to create a guest post within your blog editor and then copy the html and send it to me in that format. 
  • Or you can send it as unformated notepad (pc) doc or a text editor (mac) doc - No Pages, Word or pdfs documents.
  • Please include a suggested theme for the following week.
  • Please include a link to your blog and/or flickr stream.

Submission suggestions 

  • Refer to past Texture Tuesdays for post layout samples. 
  • Size your image(s) to 650 px wide and name the file in this format: TT_yourname.jpg
  • Begin the post with a credit that looks something like this: A guest post from YOUR NAME HERE include the link to your blog. 
  • Refer to my regular TT post format and include the following points in your post. 
    1. This week's TT theme is free & easy...anything goes...the only requirement is your image must contain at least one layer of any of Kim's textures.
    2. Note in your post: Next week is the first Tuesday of the month and the theme is always Anything Goes. This means you are free to link up any photo you likr...textured, not textured, iphone, edited, unedited...simply link up a fav photo. Please also include the TT rules as they are noted every TT. 
    3. End with a personal note to the TT community. 
    4. Finally, close the post with a credit that looks something like this: YOUR NAME... is ...description of YOU and blogs at YOUR BLOG URL.  
  • Be prepared to visit some of the TT submissions for your guest host week and leave an encouraging comment. 

Thanks bunches and more for your interest in hosting TT.

I can't wait to read your submissions.