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Registration for the fall session of Start to Finish will open Monday, Sept 1st.

Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be the first to hear when the doors open.


I'm so excited about this.  All the things I love most about my work....wrapped into one class.



Start to Finish - Course Outline

About Start to Finish...

In this class I will share my entire process…. from conception to completion….along with lots of pretty picture photography and processing tips & tricks.

I'm incredibly passionate about still life photography... This has changed my life.....

It's so much more than snapping a picture..... it's art, life, quiet, calm.... all in a single moment.....

Flowers... Food........ Pretty Pieces.... We will style and capture it all..... from conception to completion......

I will also host two - 90 minute live web connects... pick my brain... ask questions.... share... connect with fellow students.

Enhanced and Premium Registration Options also include one on one virtual sessions. Scroll down for more detils.

Software: Lightroom 5 (earlier version LR users should have no trouble following the lessons). Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is not required but we will move into PS for a few of the edits.


Class Outline

Week 1 - Gather, Prep….. and a Little Tech

Introduction - My creative story.....

Setting intentions for our time together.

Prop Talk - In our first week of class we will begin to gather supplies…. back drops, drop cloths….. weathered wood…. linens, props etc. I will share my fun and affordable most-loved items. Lots of tips & tricks... 

Look for the Light - We will search for the light in our home….. and consider possible set-up options.

Tech Talk - An overview of my gear and favourite lenses, along with in-camera tips for creating the soft & dreamy look I love. 

Lightroom Tutorials - You will have access to a full series of develop module tutorials that you can reference throughout the course. A breakdown of the global and selective adjustment options available in Lightroom 5. (earlier LR users can follow along as well). 

Week 2 - Conception to Completion

In the second week I will post two complete Start to Finish…. conception to completion shoots.

The inspiration, the light, the styling, camera settings, culling, the complete processing of my favourite image within that shoot…… All the details. Tons of info!! No secrets.

Week 3 - Creative Connection

Live Connect - Students will be invited to a live online web connect. I will be available for questions via live chat. The session will be recorded and posted inside the classroom for those who can not attend.

These have been a very popular part of this class.

Inspiration - I will share my thoughts on creativity, dreams, goals and getting your work into the world.

Critique - I will review up to 5 images submitted for critique via screencast and share this in the classroom. Submissions are optional but welcome. 


Week 4 - Conception to Completion Continues

In our fourth week I will post two more start to finish lessons…. conception to completion.

We will explore Lightroom’s print module and learns some fabulous tips for creating beautiful layouts.

The layout possibilities are mind blowing!

Week 5 - Breathe & Make Art

I will post 2 still-life challenges. Inspiration to ...  MAKE ART.

The challenges will include a prompt and a few words of inspiration… to spark your own art. I will be open for questions via the private gathering room. 

My hope - you will simply take time to create… allowing yourself to experiment and play with the different possibilities we have explored.

Week 6 - Conception to Completion

In the final start to finish week I will share one more start to finish lessons…. conception to completion. 

And 2 inspirational challenges. 

Topped off with some fabulous Lightroom/PS tips & tricks.

Week 7 - Creative Connects

Live Connect - You will be invited to a second live online connect. I will be available for questions via the live chat option. 

Create Create Create..... There will be plenty of encouragement and inspiration to keep you creating.

Week 8 - Open to Possiblities

This will be determined…. depending on the needs and students. This might mean a deeper dive into Lightroom, maybe a brand new edit I just have to share, or Q&A's based on input from students. 


In summary I will....

  • Share lots of creative inspiration. Including my personal creative story.
  • Share my favourite props along with fun and budget friendly pretty picture making ideas.
  • Share my process, concept/inspiration for the images/shoots in written and/or video format. No secrets.... step by step.... in easy to understand context.
  • Show several wide angle photos and/or video of the space…drops, props, linens, reflectors used....all the details.
  • Show how I set up the shoot… direction of light, camera settings, time of day etc. I like to keep it simple.... It doesn't have to be complicated... beautiful photos with minimal set up is what I love and appreciate most.
  • I will open the images in Lightroom…giving you a chance to see all the photos; the good, the bad, the so so's….. 
  • I will talk through the culling process via screencast....choosing a few favs and explaining why.
  • I will talk through a complete edit of one of the shoot photos, lots of detailed information.....editing tips and tricks etc.
  • Bonus: if I decide to go into Photoshop with the image to add text or texture I will include that info in a separate video for Photoshop users.
  • You will have the option to submit images for critique.
  • 2 Live Online Connects.
  • Community and connection is encouraged but not required.
  • Students will have access to a private flickr group to share their work and a forum to share ideas, ask questions etc.
  • Access to Private Pinterest Group - Students will be invited to join a private S2F pinterest group where they can share inspiration and ideas with fellow students.

Ready to Sign up?

Still not sure?

Check out the Testimonials & FAQ's below...then scroll down to see just a few of the amazing photos created by past S2F students...


I am so grateful for the amount of knowledge that I have gained from the Start-to-Finish class. Kim’s calm and insightful teaching style painlessly guides the student through each step of the process – from finding that tiny spark of inspiration to creating a final brilliant image.  This class is filled with tips about props, camera settings, composition, and editing.  The kind and supportive Start-to-Finish community is amazing.

- Sheila Lynch


S2F, wow where to begin...this class had it all. Go behind the scenes to see how to set up with minimal equipment to get your best shots. Helpful information on camera settings. Lightroom video tutorials, for after the shoot, which are so easy to understand and put into use. Prop ideas, where to find them, how to put them together. Inspiration galore and prompts to send you on your way to making your own art. Go ahead, sign up and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Beth - @shutterhuff


I absolutely loved the S2F class, as with all Kim's classes they were packed with techniques & inspirations. I learnt so many new tips & was constantly inspired to get my camera out to capture some images, get them onto the computer and let Kim's magic for producing great photos guide me through to a finished product I loved. A fantastic class.

Leonie Aland


Your classes are just one of the joys in my life. Though I may not keep up weekly with them, it's just lovely knowing that they are there for me when I have time to really enjoy them. I have learned so much from you - from basic Lightroom skills to using textures and layering text in Photoshop. Being able to follow your vision from Start to Finish has inspired me to keep working on my skills and to give my photographs another look from a different perspective. I'm sure everyone taking your classes feels a connection to you as a friend as you are so good at expressing yourself and sharing your life and feelings along with your awe inspiring photographic creations. All your classes are a joy to take and I will continue to sign up for them.

-Jen Hunter


The Start to Finish class was great. Really seeing how to set up a shot and learning about props really brought it all together for me. Kim, being  such a warm and inviting teacher makes it easy to learn. I have taken all her classes and never regretted one. Thanks for the inspiration Kim!

-Andrea Hayes


Want to be inspired and encouraged to learn how to set up and shoot beautiful still life?!  No better place to start!

-Julia Robson


I cannot say enough about Kim and her wonderful courses. Truly, I have learned so much... and without question I am the photographer/artist that I am today because of her. Not only have I learned the basics about photography and the digital possibilities (and mastery!) available in Photoshop and Lightroom and with textures, but we have gone so far beyond the basics, to true creativity and artistry. Kim is so encouraging and inspiring, she meets each artist exactly where they are which is a true gift in a teacher. In Start to Finish, it was a joy to see and practice the entire process, from the inspiration seed to the full realization of our images. I believe I have taken every course that Kim offers... and many of them I eagerly take again and again.



Any class with Kim is a joy, but this is special
you learn so much and Kim as usual is so generous
with her time.
-Viv Halliwell
One of the best classses by far of Kim's I have taken.  I learned so much with support from other students in the class made this one fun class to be in.  I enjoyed all the presets and learning how to use them, along with trips to Home Depot in shopping for props with Kim and Bryce.  Such a fun time with Live Connects.  I am looking forward to another round when it comes up.

-Barbara Hurst


Taking S2F is like spending lovely afternoons with a generous friend who has agreed to guide you through her entire creative process. It's so inspiring and freeing to realize that you can create beautiful images in any space with simple props and natural light. With no need for a studio or fancy lighting, Kim makes it all accessible, no matter what level you're starting from. Every time I go back through the lessons I learn something new. If you're looking for inspiration combined with loads of techniques and tips, look no further. 

-Poppy Barach


I had the pleasure to participate in Kim Klassen's Start to Finish online class in the spring of 2014 after a hiatus from my photography.  I've taken other online classes from Kim in the past as well.   Kim has an impressive amount of knowledge regarding Lightroom and Photoshop, and photography in general as evidenced in her personal work.  She provides a lot of written information in the lessons, and her videos are clear and concise,  Kim makes it so easy to learn, even for the most basic beginner.   I love her creative prompts, and because of them have created some of my favorite images to date.  I find Kim to be open, a truly genuine person, someone who is supportive of everyone no matter their age, ability level or creative style.  I always look forward to the next email from her with the next lesson.  I wouldn't hesitate to take another class from her in the future.

-Mollie Hewitt


Frequently Asked Questions 

What will I get out of this class?

This will be different for each student. So much of what we get out of a class is dependent on what we bring. I encourage you to come to class with a commitment to learn and grow..... share and connect....

If you are looking for community, that's awesome. There will be opportunity for plenty of connection.

If you prefer to work through content quietly on your own, that's also fine. No pressure either way.

Some students may come to feed their creativity..... others may come to learn new skills. 

I promise to genuinely share all that I do and know...

This class will not be full of dos, don'ts, shoulds.... technical talk. This will be a genuine course about my creative pro-cess and experience......I hope this will spark your creativity and take your photography to a whole new level...

What equipment do I need?

A camera, computer and good internet connection.

Lightroom - Lessons will be taught in Lightroom. Bonus: we will also pop over to PS/Elements a few times to add some texture and type.

A Flickr account is recommended but not required. 

A brand new notebook and a favourite pen is recommended. I hope you make and take... all kinds of dreamy creative notes as we work through the class together.

Do I need a studio space in order to participate?


I will shoot in various rooms inside our home. Sometimes we have to improvise...setting up make-shift tables by the front door or window....moving furniture...etc. Sometime we have to borrow space or move outside.

Finding a space with good light is helpful. All sessions will be shot in natural light...

You are not expected to recreate what I do.... simply take my pro-cess, and make it work for your own space, place and possibilities.

Is this a Photography 101 type class?


I will share my camera settings, lenses used etc... during the shoots and a few shooting tips & tricks.  I will not be teaching basic dslr techniques. 

But I will be open to any questions you may have.

Will you show how to do the edits in photoshop/elements also?

If you use photoshop cs6 the Adobe Camera Raw plug in (which is part of photoshop) is very comparable to Lightroom. In fact it's the same under the hood. You should be able to follow along quite nicely. Earlier CS users may also be fine provided they have a good understanding of the Camera Raw software.

I do at least 85% of my editing in Lightroom... Because this class is about sharing my actual creative pro-cess....I will be sharing exactly that.... my actual creative pro-cess.

Side note: If you have yet to discover Lightroom I highly encourage considering t. It has changed my life. :) 

Do I have to come to class at a certain time?

No. The class is always open....feel free to pop in at your convenience. The content will be there, waiting for you. 

Do I have to participate in the group meetings or share my photos with the community?

No, it's not required. I respect that everyone learns in their own way. Personally I tend to be the quiet student in class. I'm quite content to work away on my own.  (i'm sure many of you aren't surprised...'smile')

Because of this.....I would never make participation a requirement...but of course I hope you will join in the community. 

I will be posting plenty of prompts and group inspiration.... Be prepared to be inspired.

I’m really busy, how long will the class be accessible.

This class isn't a huge time commitment.....or super heavy technically......The idea is to soak up the inspiration and you move forward on your creative journey.

Class access will be available for 18 months.

Ready to Register? Pop back Monday to sign up.

2 - Start to Finish Registration Options

Start to Finish Registration - Includes all the content as listed above. $149


Start to Finish Enhanced Registration (limited spaces)  $299

The enhanced registration includes access to the class, PLUS two - one on one 60 minute virtual sessions during the 8 week course.

There will be several time-slots available to fit different scheduling needs.

The one on one sessions must be Start to Finish related..... creativity, camera, processing, still life.... want my thoughts on processing your photos? a detailed critique? Maybe you just need some direction? Wanna connect with a creative who gets it? Lots of possiblities.

More Questions? Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words......

Check out these Feature Photos from the Start to Finish Alumni....

Be prepared to be inspired.


Making Mandolins by....oh so amazing...... Donna Hopkins......

stunning 'cherries' by Donna Hopkins...... love


beads and feathers by the lovely Michelle Mollinga

by the lovely Michelle Mollinga

 Stunning work by Beverly Cazzell

 on the hook... by the lovely Sylvia Houben

on the hook by the talented Barbara Hurst .... inspired... ♡


Wild Raspberries by the lovely Mollie Hewitt 

 Hydrangea by the lovely Mollie Hewitt 

stunning by Poppy Barach