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Round Trip Self-Paced eCourse is OPEN for registration. Sign Up Today and Begin Right Away.

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Lessons are taught in LR4 but LR 3 and 5 users are welcome to jump in.


About this Class

If you have been following me for awhile you know I love photoshop!! Love… love… LOVE… it. But I've also fallen for lightroom…. and I can't bare to love it must join me!! 

In this class I will share my Lightroom to Photoshop techniques…. They are equally as important to me….. I now can not have one without the other…… they are perfect creative partners. 

Click HERE for an overview of why you gotta love Lightroom.

Genius….. I'm telling you… Genius.

In this class I will show you my very own unique way… not necessarily text book standard….or guru techy…. but a way that works fabulously for creatives like us! Simple, easy to fabulous! and oh my gosh....productive and time saving awesomeness...... This is really a must.....for us all!

We will start from the beginning with lightroom, from importing, understanding the LR catalog, organization.... editing.... so much to learn...then into photoshop for some fab creative fun....back to Lightroom…a magical creative ride….

Sound good? Read on for further details.

Are you ready to make the prettiest pictures possible in the speediest of time? Wanna learn how to process quick, fast and non-destructively…. Wanna add that extra special touch of texture and text…. make lovely layouts in no time? Add perfect touches to your blog photos? Put a slideshow together? Make your own presets…. and how bout a little dslr movie magic too? 

Are your photos a mess? All over the place... Lightroom can fix this.... it just takes a little know-how.... and this class will give it to you.

I will bring it all to you…. in simple easy to follow steps….

No techy babble, presented from a creative's view….. I hope to take the scary out of it all!!

Lightroom and photoshop are major powerhouse programs... but when you get it...... oh my... it's beyond awesome! I want to help you 'get it'.....

I will be teaching in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6. Lightroom 3, Elements 9 and up users along with earlier CS users (CS 4 - 6 recommended) welcome. I will do my best to help you through any differences that may arise. Just a note, Lightroom 4 has some fabulous new and powerful features.... along with some develop module if you are considering an upgrade... go for it... it's awesome!

Round Trip Outline

  • Work at your own pace....
  • Step by Step lessons taught in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 (separate elements and cs5 videos will be offered when major differences arise.)
  • Open classroom 24/7. I will be there, waiting for you to hit play whenever you can pop into the classroom. Come in your pj' need to get dressed up or put on your make up. 
  • Access to myself via private forum. Post your questions and I will answer once a week.
  • Connect with students from around the world, in the forum and share your images with one another in the Flickr Group.
  • Class lesson material, including sample images and textures to work with.

Lesson Material Breakdown

Week 1  - From the beginning.... 

  • Intro to Lightroom
  • Why lightroom is the way to go.
  • Consider Raw… here's why.
  • File Set Up and Organization 
  • Lightroom catalogues - the breakdown
  • Import Options
  • left to right, top to bottom…. it's awesome.
  • Lightning fast image selection. It's all in the positive.
  • Keywords, Filters, good.
  • Lightroom workspace overview and customization.
  • demystifying colour settings
  • Fabulous Lightroom shortcuts you should know.
  • introduction to Lightroom's magical preset features.

Week 2  

  • The develop module - let's dive in. pretty, pretty pictures.....
  • from cropping to straightening to basic global settings.
  • split toning
  • cross processing
  • tonal adjustments
  • frames and grain
  • syncing our settings
  • graduated filters
  • spot removal
  • develop presets - making your own
  • more shortcuts
  • Facebook, flickr… without leaving lightroom. For reals!
  • exporting options

Week 3  

  • a little lighter... tons to take in from the first 2 weeks.... this week we create.
  • Look out photoshop, here we come.
  • So where the heck does photoshop fit into all this? 
  • Some things are just better in photoshop….Let me show you!
  • type tricks you will LOVE.
  • texture and totally AWESOME extras to make your images sing.
  • photoshop is magic…. art happens always… let's do this!

Week 4

  • Back to Lightroom we go. Woo hooo…  
  • in the name of creativity…. it's all magical.
  • Awesome things you can do…from slideshows, to layouts, to movie edits… for reals!
  • lovely watermarks and magical little extras that will make your heart sing.

That sums up Round Trip…… the details will fall magically together as we work through the material.

Are you in? 

Registration Price: $69 $45 Cdn or sign up for a Test Kitchen membership to get full access to this class.

Ready to Register Click the button below to sign up.

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Class Requirements

  • Student must have Lightroom (4 or 3) and Photoshop Elements 9, 10 or CS 4,5 or 6
  • If you are new to photoshop I recommend taking my free skinny-mini ecourse or my self-paced essentials eCourse. A basic understanding of layers is required for this class.
  • The ability to open zip or compressed folders. (this will vary depending on your operating system)
  • A High-Speed internet connection in order to view the streaming videos.
  • If you will be using LR4, be sure it's compatible with your sytem and your version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Check with the adobe for specifics and with any questions you may have. CS5 users, be sure to update to latest version of ACR here.



I've been using LR (self taught) for several months now but I am so thrilled I took this course. I knew there was so much I was NOT using and boy are you showing me the capabilities of this program. Fantastic! So glad I took this class!


Oh, I am really learning so much. I just re-viewed some of the videos to really lock the info in my brain! Some stuff I'd already figured out through much trial and error but so much is new to me! Learning through your videos is so much better than through my errors...and much less frustrating, too! 


WOW! I am so blown away, I have learnt so much from you! Far more than I have been able to learn from the many many manuals/books that I have bought. This is an amazing course on the fantastic uses of Lightroom, thanks Kim for all your hard work!


Disclaimer: I can not help you with software compatiblity issues. Be sure your version of photoshop and lightroom are compatible....and that the software will run on your operating system. Also be aware that LR and Photoshop are powerful programs and they love memory. Make sure your computer is up for the job. For any questions based on these issues, be sure to check with Adobe.

Click HERE to ask me any questions you may have.