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eCourse Offerings

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intro to photoshop class


Lightroom Catalog eCourse


31 Days - Lightroom Tips & Tricks direct to your Inbox


Start to Finish eCourse - from Conception to Completion



a year long Still-Life Inspiration eCourse - Open for Registration



Texturize - a Test Kitchen Workshop

Elements 11 (and 12) eCourse - Self-Paced Registration is Open

Photoshop CS6 eCourse -  - Self-Paced Registration is Open

Retired Courses.... Big Savings

Round Trip -  Self-Paced Registration is Open

Test Kitchen Members get full access to this course


Get instant Self-Paced Access to Behind the Scenes

$165 $79

a jam-packed inspiration and info filled class on creative living and blogging




The Essentials - Instant Access, Self-Paced $79 now - $45.00

Please note: Access to the Essentials is now a part of The Test Kitchen membership.

Scroll down for more info on the Test Kitchen site.

intro to Photoshop Elements and CS eCourse

permanent access included

Art of Texture - The Secrets Revealed 

get deep into the Art of Texturizing your images.

self-paced access now open $109 $69


Membership Site

Photoshop Test Kitchen

a fabulous membership site for Photoshop CS and Elements Users.


eCourse FAQ

How do I access your eCourses?

The eCourse is hosted on a private page. Before the class is scheduled to begin I will send you the classroom info via email, needed to acess the lessons.

How do you teach the lessons?

I teach thru video screencast tutorials. I also share class material samples and some written material as well.

Do I have to come to class at a specific time?

no, you can come to class at your convenience.  I wll post the lessons up as scheduled. You can simply pop in to class whenever is convenient.

How do the self-paced eCourses work?

The self-paced class option allows you access to all the eCourse material at once. You will have access to it for the period stated on the registration page. Self-paced classes are retired courses, that are no longer available live.