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Beyond Layers - The eCourse

Beyond Layers - FAQ's

Beyond Layers ~ a Year of art~FULL Inspiration

52 weeks of encouragement, motivation and inspiration……. centered around, but so much more than photoshop……

Twice weekly you will receive a creative love note from yours truly…. 

104 messages designed to get both your creative and digital art juices flowing….one small and doable step at a time.

Begin each week with an encouraging note from me to you…. motivation, inspiration… lots of cheers….. We are going to talk art, creativity, dreams, blogging, business, growth, networking, goals, aspiration and intentions. 

I have so much to share!

Later in the week…. let's get practical…. I'm talking hands on creative stuff!
You will receive a technique or texture to try in photoshop…..a challenge,  perhaps a new font to spark your creative juices….a photo prompt, or perhaps a new brush to stamp…inspired photoshop tutorials….this will vary throughout the 52 weeks. 

2012 is YOUR YEAR!


The Birth of 'Beyond Layers'

I have been dreaming this course for almost a year….
It was sitting there… just out of my reach…..  I could see it….but I couldn't touch it……little bits would reveal themselves….but not quite enough to bring it to fruition.

Then during a conversation with a friend…. timing, circumstance…. a spark ignited.....Beyond Layers was born

And, what better time to put it out into the world… than January, 2012!

The time is NOW, my friends.

My absolute favourite part of the holiday season…. is ……The New Year.
I love dreaming of what's to come…fresh starts, a clean slate…… all that fabulously good stuff! 

It's a time to celebrate what you've accomplished….release the not so good…or just plain BAD…. make a dreamy list… or two.... dive into the new and endless creative possibilities that are waiting for you!
And most importantly it's a time to START.

Are you ready?

The idea of combining juicy, creative inspiration with hands on doable ideas….. 

Oh my!! 

YES PLEASE….  I love it!

This is going to be aMazing!!

My word for 2012 is INSPIRE. And I believe this class is going to be completely inspiring.

Won't you join me?

Class begins on January 16th.

This Course Includes:

  • twice weekly emails from me to you for 52 weeks. That's 104 inspired messages!
  • online access to a password protected Beyond Layer's community allowing you to connect with like-minded creatives, 24/7 for 365 days.
  • a private flickr group for sharing your art.
  • instant access to the skinny-mini photoshop eCourse.
  • inspirational printables and audio/video surprises throughout the year.

Basic photoshop knowledge is recommended. However the inspiration alone will be worth the enrolment fee. 

I want to make this affordable for I have a crazy low early bird registration price!


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Please note: Once your payment is processed,  be sure to confirm your registration by clicking on the confirmation link in the 'confirm your registration' email you will receive. 

(watch for details on changing the registered email address after you process your registration. Hotmail and yahoo addresses are not recommended)

Remember class begins on January 16th. I can not wait!


For FAQ'S click HERE.