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Art of Texture - The Secrets Revealed

The Art of Texture is now a Self-Paced Independent eCourse.

This means you can sign up and begin immediately with access to the material for 1 year from your start date.

 $109 $69 (Cdn)


The Art of Texture - Secrets Revealed eCourse Info

So, you know I love the whole Texture thing, right? You may even call me obsessed. I love to make textures, I love to use them on my photos, I love to share textures… True Love…. And I know I am not alone!! I think many of you understand this obsession, all too well.

Here's a few videos I put together of my texture making process.



Student Testimonials  

I have been following Kim's blog for months now and have wondered how she creates the amazing textures she so kindly gives us each week and the great sets she has on offer.

So when Kim announced she was offering a class called the Art of Texture and that this would not only teach me how to apply the textures and some clever tricks too, but also how to actually create them, well I was sold.

Having already participated in Kim's Skinny Minny e-course I knew that her teaching style was so easy to follow and that she offered really practical tips and ideas for making my photographs so much snazzier.

I hoped that I would not only learn how to apply the textures in new ways but also to get down and dirty and actually create some. I wasn't disappointed, this course was everything I hoped for.

Kim generously shares with us the entire creative process, painting, texturing, creating and applying brushes, how to layer, adjust the textures we create everything I felt I needed and wanted to know. She patiently answers emails with 

questions about this and that, and has the most generous heart. I have enjoyed both the courses so much and know that you will too. Jump in and get creative and inspired, you'll love it and be glad you did.

~Kim Kath  


Kim's classes are amazing.  She is so generous with textures and images, tips and tricks, fonts and much more.    Her classes are well thought out, and instructions are excellent even for people who are relatively new to PSE or Photoshop.  I've learned new shortcuts and new ways of doing the same task in PSE/Photoshop.  The videos are outstanding and the only way I would want to take a class online.

The best part of these classes is that Kim is an artist and approaches everything from the artistic point of view.  Her altered images made me drool.  It's amazing how much art can be done in this digital medium.

I'm grateful to her for sharing her expertise (and her expertise in PSE/Photoshop and how to impart it to the student is terrific). 



This class is amazing!  Kim is a kind, caring, and generous teacher who shares her very best with you in this class.  All my life I have felt like I had the artist "want-to", but no talent.  This class has awakened in me possibilities and creativity I never knew I had, and for that I cannot thank Kim enough.  The entire class has Kim's "soul" poured into it.  It was a real blessing in my life & worth every penny!

Kim - I hope it's not too gushy -- but I can't thank you enough!  I feel like part of me has been re-born with this class.  And I thank you so much for giving so much, so generously, from your soul -- to us.  I just don't have words to explain how I feel...I hope you understand.  :-)  




Your Art of Textures course has inspired me beyond words! I have to admit that I was intimidated / overwhelmed by Photoshop before taking your Skinny Mini and then Art of Textures classes. In just a few short weeks you have helped me blast past all my barriers, and opened up a whole new world of creativity. Your one-on-one help whenever I’ve needed it makes me feel like I’m in a classroom with you at my side, rather than in a different country, different time zone. I have learned so much already - not just about photo manipulation, but also in fine-tuning my photography and in creating fabulous textures with paint and paper. In fact, I have already had numerous requests for prints of even my initial pieces created under your gracious guidance! Thank you, thank you for an amazing class that has far exceeded my expectations!

I want to thank you so much for unleashing a whole new path of creativity! Ideas, colors and textures are whirling around in my mind as you gently guide me through the overwhelming world of Photoshop. I am no longer afraid of it, nor putting it off for a day when I have time...

Thank you for making it easy and fun with baby steps that are exactly my stride



In this class, I will share fabulous texturizing secrets, You will make your own photoshop brushes, roll up your sleeves and get messy...making your own textures, and finally how to take your 'art' and turn them into fabulous textures of our own.


Here’s the details:

Lessons will be posted in the private classroom. You will have access to a forum to post your questions and share your questions, thoughts and even tips with fellow members.

Lessons will be taught via screencast videos with step by step narration.

Week 1

Basic, as well as in-depth lessons on applying textures to your images.

We will cover things such as:

- Combining textures to create artwork from your photos.

- Applying Photoshop Filters to add depth and character to your images.

- Using adjustment layers to transform your images.

- Adding artful text to your images.

Week 2

Photoshop Brushes in DEEP

- Creating a variety of photoshop brushes.

- Learn how to save your brushes as a collection and share them with the group

- Using brushes to add depth and texture to your images

- Using brushes to frame your images.

- Using photographed surfaces such as concrete or wood to create grungy brushes

Week 3

Ready to get your hands dirty? Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to it. Watch my process via step by step hd videos.

- Using coffee, tea, ink, paint and more to create original artwork textures.

- Adding old papers and found items to your ‘canvas’ to create unique one of a kind textures

So you aren’t into painting and getting messy? That’s okay too. You can use the techniques I will offer and create fabulous textures from scans of old book backs, old papers etc. You can skip the hands on painting steps if you like. But honestly, it’s so much fun!! If nothing else, save your morning coffee or tea…pull out the vanilla, perhaps a little cinnamon from your cabinets and add it to your canvas. 

Week 4

Turn your artwork into fabulous photographic textures.

- Scan your artwork, open it up in photoshop and let’s get busy.

- Sharing my secrets to turning paintings into killer textures.

- Combine your textures to make a fabulous collection you can use over and over.



What you will need:

Photoshop Elements 7-10 or Photoshop CS 3- CS5

Scanner: This is not required as I will provide lower res samples for you to work thru all the lessons.

You can also use your camera on the macro setting or a macro lens to capture your texture art. I will warn you though; it can be difficult to do. If you are serious about making your own collections you may want to invest in a scanner. They are reasonably priced. I use the Epson 4490 and it works like a dream.

A Macro setting or Macro lens to capture things such as old rust or concrete or wood. Good stuff like that!

Paper Cardstock, watercolor paper, or canvas measuring 8.5 x 11 or 9 x 12. Or some form of porous material to build your artwork with. I like to use paper, watercolor paper or thin wood.  This makes it super easy to fit into the scanner.

Various art supplies: gesso, acrylic paints, pastels, crayons, charcoal pencils, ink, coffee, tea, sponges, household goodies, old papers, old photographs, magazine clippings, stamps, permanent ink pad, tissue and pretty papers, old book pages, decoupage or gel medium, palette knife, old credit card, spray paint, spray bottle, paint brushes (cheapies are just fine).

Don’t run out and drop a whole pile at the Art Supply store. Start with a few basics and see how you like it, what you like etc…and buy as you go.




A basic knowledge and comfort with Photoshop is required.

If you are new to photoshop, check out my Essentials eCourse HERE

Refunds are not available once class access is granted.

Ready to get started? Click below to Sign up.....Class access is available for 1 full year!!

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